This is Lombardia, the region ruled by science and power of mind. Scientists living here value ideas over hierarchy, therefore they aim to experiment with different NFT arts, and discover new, unique utilities. Scientists of Lombardia are the first puzzle piece in the emerging Science V.S. Magic metaverse.

Launching via Solanart and Solanart ONLY. The Library, Staking Platform and the Laboratory, a place where you can mint new NFT collections, shall be open afterwards!

Are you ready to do some SCIENCE?

Lock your Scientists in the Library to mine SCIENCE token and experiment in the Laboratory to discover Inventions! And maybe one day you will become an owner of a Science Building increasing the range of your discovery and influencing other researchers in the region. 

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There are two core places in Lombardia at our early stages:

1. The Library – Staking platform where you can lock your Scientists and not only Scientists. We have prepared a fun interactions with other NFT collections from the SCIENCE ecosystem. For instance setting a Building will boost SCIENCE generation with a specific multiplier but you cannot just build any Building. A Chemist would require a Laboratory, an Astronomer an Observatory etc.

2.The Laboratory – Minting Page fuelled with SCIENCE tokens. An RNG system embedded inside means that not every experiment will be successful. You may loose and burn 50% of your the  SCIENCE cost to get nothing in exchange. But if you are successful you will discover an Invention. The first Invention will be the Magic Detector, NFT collection of 3000 Detectors. They bring some small buff in terms of SCIENCE generation but also it has an hidden utility. Once all NFTs are minted from Magic Detector, we will add another collection with a different utility.

Discover Inventions, raise Buildings and have fun in plotting against other Scientists in Lombardia!

Voting will implement the real democracy in Lombardia. Every Scientist will be granted one vote in many different polls. Scientists of Lombardia will be allowed to vote on any major matter that will affect Lombardia by burning SCIENCE tokens. In the very beginning it will be a simple Poll like “can Goblins give a bigger boost to Biologists”? A simple Yes or No question which may shift the power in Lombardia towards Biologists holders.

Buildings will boost SCIENCE generation with a specific multiplier but also will gain more utilities over the time. These are 3D construct which will be deployable into Lombardia Lands in the future.

Inventions will be gaining more utilities over the time. They can increase generation of SCIENCE if locked with a Scientist in the Library but also bring a hidden utility. The very first invention which will be discovered in the Laboratory is Magic Detector.

Science VS Magic

The Science VS Magic Metaverse aims to bring together people who enjoy scheming games and plotting against other players. Here you decide if you want to generate a prosperity with Scientists of Lombardia or become a parasite and drain the SCIENCE from The Library as menacing Necromancers of Toscana.

Join The Laboratory and discover incredible Inventions protecting the SCIENCE in Lombardia, or Summon Nigh Creatures as a Necromancer to drain the SCIENCE from The Library and rule Lombardia by spreading chaos. But what if Scientists decide to build an alliance with Necromancers?

Two Main Collections, Scientists of Lombardia and Necromancers of Toscana, will clash over beautiful lands of Lombardia. Set up Science Buildings and Fortifications to stop the invasion, or send seductive Succubi and hungry Vampires to gain more SCIENCE for yourself.

But why to collect all the SCIENCE? The answer is simple. SCIENCE is the base currency in Lombardia and the most precious virtue. Not only it fuels the inner economy, but also is used to pay for attractive rewards – other NFT collections from Solana Blockchain we look closely to integrate. The first reward will be couple of Scientists of Lombardia minted by the Team for testing purposes. Yes, you will be able to pay for Scientists with SCIENCE!

And more to come … If you are interested in the other side, Necromancers of Toscana, we invite you to brows our Light-Paper:



Mic and Jacek know each other for 15 years and used to work on a Science VS Magic concept – an RPG / Strategy PC Game in University. The times have changed, the technology has advanced but the FIRE to implement the engaging and entertaining World of Science VS Magic remains the same.

Together with NFT knowledge of Apus and amazing art skills of Meguchae we have initiated the Science VS Magic Metaverse. You can join us!


Founder - Developer

The head behind Science VS Magic concept with over 15 years of experience in Software Development.


Cybersecurity Advisor

CISM, CISP and CEH certified cyber security expert with over 15 years in security.


Digital Artist

Main artist behind Scientists of Lombardia artwork. Designed the Magic Detector and Necromancers of Toscana.

Scientists of Lombardia

The Scientists of Lombardia have already attracted real Scientists from the beautiful land of Lombardy (Lombardia). Now, we have committed to share the real science, and not only a fictional one.


Drugs Development -
Oncology Field


Transplant Physician - Stem Cells Field


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The Library, also known as the Satking Platform is being developed by Xin Dragons. We make sure that the know-how makes the priority and the Solana projects are included into Lombardia. Now and in the future.

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